Admiral Laundry

What if you could bring home like-new clothes every week instead of going through the hassle of washing, drying and folding those never-ending piles of clothes?

We'll make it feel that way. Our high-tech washers and cutting-edge detergents get your whites white and your colors bright.

At Admiral we fold, stack and seal your freshly sanitized clothes, so we can present them to you with that fresh, crisp, "just from the store" experience. Feels like new … every time!

The few minutes it takes to deliver your dirty laundry to Admiral could be the best few minutes of your day! How else can you accomplish so much with so little hassle? Our laundry valet service will wash, dry, fold and seal your laundry for you, so you can spend your time doing the things you love. Bring us your laundry and let us show you how nice getting your laundry clean can be.

Rates for drop-off service:

  • Complete (folded and sealed): $1.35 per pound ($1.60 per pound for same-day service)
  • Load and leave service: $0.60 per pound ($0.75 per pound for same-day service)
  • Just off I-244, between Sheridan and Memorial
  • From exit 11, take
    Sheridan 1/4-mile
    south, then Admiral
    east for 3/4-mile
  • From exit 12, take S. Memorial 1/4-mile south, then Admiral west
    for 1/4-mile

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7454 E. Admiral Place
Tulsa, OK 74115